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Drama / 435 Votes / runtime - 1 H, 29 minutes / Arlene Sarner / Resume - Switched at Birth is a TV movie starring Melissa Gilbert, Rosanna Arquette, and David Andrews. On the same night, Milford maternity delivers Morgan, businessman James and Sarah's son, and Linda's boy Luke Wells, whose father Darryl

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genres - Fantasy
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casts - Arthur Aulisi
Three stories set in the future, each 50 years apart but all in the same Central Park location, reveal that the unexpected consequences of love lost can echo across generations. 2019 - At winter's first snowfall, a married teacher cuts school to meet up with her much younger lover for what she hopes will be the last time. 2070 - A father-to-be desperately searches for a mysterious object that will save his unborn child while on the run from a cybernetic security officer and a man who will do anything to stop him. 2130 - A brother and sister, who have spent their whole lives underground are banished from the colony and must weather the inhospitable surface of a destroyed planet
Creators - Sammy Buck

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summary: Ajj De Ranjhe is a movie starring Aman Dhaliwal, Gurleen Chopra, and Gurpreet Ghuggi. A man becomes a policemen in Punjab, India, where corruption runs rampant Writed by: Manmohan Singh star: Gurpreet Ghuggi, Aman Dhaliwal Genre: Drama Manmohan Singh

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genres: Drama / Recently drafted by the United States Army to serve as a combat-medic, Jimmy Jimmy Kates goes on the run when his step-sister sends a team of hit-men to kill him in the year 2029. Sent to kill him is Sammy, a young woman unwilling to take the life of a man she learns to admire. Together they become a lethal dose of unstoppable surprises. As a result, Jimmy becomes the target of a government investigation, while going to great lengths to keep him alive as long as possible, dodging assassin bullets aimed at his head. If he lives, mankind will prosper. If he dies, the fat lady sings / Release year: 2017 / writer: Carmen Espinoza