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Genre Documentary
writer Martín Farina
Tomatometer 6,7 / 10 Stars
15 Votes
Story Esther Diaz discovers her own self and transgenerational sex attraction late in life. While exploring and after she decides to study again and gets a PhD with distinction. She acts and narrates her own true story and experience with a touch of subjective fiction

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Ratings: 7,4 of 10; Harry Hook; In 1813, Capitaine Jacques St. Ives, a Hussar in the Napoleonic wars, is captured and sent to a Scottish prison camp. He's a swashbuckler, so the prison's commander, Major Farquar Bolingbroke Chevening, asks for lessons in communicating with women. Both men have their eyes on the lovely Flora, who resides with her aunt, the iconoclastic and well-traveled Miss Susan Emily Gilcrist. By chance, living close to the camp is Jacques's grandfather and brother, whom Jacques believes died years before. Jacques decides to escape, find his relatives, and win the hand of Flora; Major Chevening and an unforeseen enemy stand in his way. Can Miss Gilcrist contrive to make everything work out?; Runtime: 1 h 30 minute; Jean-Marc Barr

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Dale Rosenbloom; cast - James Moses Black, David Arquette; duration - 95 Minutes; Evan White is unjustly accused of selling marijuana and cocaine and being threatened with up to 28 years in jail by an ambitious Federal prosecutor; Drama

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