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Drama / 435 Votes / runtime - 1 H, 29 minutes / Arlene Sarner / Resume - Switched at Birth is a TV movie starring Melissa Gilbert, Rosanna Arquette, and David Andrews. On the same night, Milford maternity delivers Morgan, businessman James and Sarah's son, and Linda's boy Luke Wells, whose father Darryl


Casts=Raymond Scott / story=It is November of 1960 and retired musician Sid Kottler has been living alone in his over-sized home for the past 13 years. His severe case of anthropophobia prevents him from entertaining the company of anyone... or even the slightest of human interaction. When he awakens one morning with an unforgettable character he recognizes from a very recent encounter of sorts, he realizes that he may not be alone anymore. In fact, Sid may even play party host to an ensemble of friends... but not by invitation / Release year=2016 / writed by=Michael Jason Allen / runtime=1 H 1 Minute

EP/Executive Protection Language Norwegian Nederlands

Director - Olivier Gruner
release date - 2015
reviews - EP/Executive Protection is a movie starring Claudia Wells, Sasha Mitchell, and Christopher Showerman. First as Special Forces and then as a part of the elite world of Executive Protection, Max Webber has dedicated his life and
Writed by - Olivier Gruner
country - USA

Art Ache forum. Please help find film DepositFiles

Art Ache is a movie starring David Wayman, Sharlit Deyzac, and Dee Tails. Alex despises Modern Art but when he falls in love with an adorable French artist, he understands that the only way to conquer her heart is to pretend he is

Berty Cadilhac

Release year: 2015

Directors: Berty Cadilhac

star: Sharlit Deyzac